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The Knights coaches who will be working with the state teams are:

  • Girls U10 age group – Coach Rick Bryant. Training days Wednesday and Friday.
  • Girls U12 age group – Coach Karina Williams. Training days - Monday and Friday.
  • Boys U10 age group – Coach Vahe Boyajian.   Training days - Tuesday and Friday.
  • Boys U12 age group – Coach Kevin Van Vreckem. Asst coach Luis. Training days Wednesday and Friday.
  • Girls U14 age group - TBD.
  • Boys U14 age group - TBD.
  • Girls U19 age group - TBD.
  • Boys U19 age group - TBD.
  • Tryout dates: November 7. Times: 9-11am for U10 + U12 age groups 
  • Training starts : The week of November 15.
  • Tournament date: January 14-17

Teams train twice a week and look to do approx. 4-5 scrimmages on the weekend prior to the tournament.
Training location - most likely West Boynton until the winter break and either Canyon or Caloosa for the 2 weeks in January.

  • Players must try-out; evaluated and selected based on skill level.
  • Try-outs available in divisions U10 through U19.
  • Train twice a week for 2 months (November -January) & play in our AYSO State Event in January.
  • Cost $150.00



  1. What are the State Games?

These games are an annual regional tournament in January for the top players from each AYSO Region's recreational league to compete against other AYSO Regions in our Section. The State Games are a recreation “all-star” tournament where players must try out for the teams and are evaluated and selected based on skill level. Tryouts are held in divisions U10 through U19.  Players who make the State Team train twice a week for 2+ months (November-January), leading up to the State Games tournament in January. The State Team is a great way to identify and develop the talented players in our recreation league by providing additional training and exposing them to more competitive play.


2.  Who is eligible to participate?

In order to play in the State Games, your child MUST have registered and played the fall season and MUST have played in our region (AYSO1370).


3.  When and Where are the State Games?

Friday, January 14, 2022 to Monday, January 17, 2022 (Martin Luther King Holiday).

The tournament will be held at Okeeheelee Park-Region 345-7715 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL.


4.  What are the fees to play on the State Team?  What’s included in those fees?

There is no cost to tryout. If your player makes the team, the cost is $150, which includes the tournament registration fees, two sets of uniforms, referee fees, and practice field rental.

5.  When / where do we practice?

Our Region's State Team training sessions will be held at West Boynton Park in Boynton Beach starting in early November. Exact dates will be provided and the Coach for each State Team will determine practice nights.


6.  What is the timeline for the State Games?

November 7 (Sunday):  State Team Tryouts.

November 15, 2021 - January 14, 2022: Training Sessions.

January 14th - January 17th, 2022: State Tournament.


7.  How many players are on a team?

AYSO boys and girls teams in age divisions: -> MY2021

  • 10U (2012-2013 birth year) maximum 11 players on roster.

  • 12U (2010-2011 birth year) maximum 12 players on roster.

  • 14U (2008-2009 birth year) maximum 18 players on roster.

  • 16U/19U (2003-2007 birth year) maximum 18 players on roster.

8.  What is the Tournament Format?

Pool play tournament. Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of (3) three games.  Specific match structures depend upon the number of teams entered in each age division.


9.  Can we play scrimmages / friendlies / tournaments to get our players ready for the State Tournament?

Yes, we will introduce our coaches to coaches from other regions; it is up to each State Team Coach to schedule scrimmages / friendlies with coaches from other Regions.


10.  How are State Team Coaches selected by our Club?

Once coaches volunteer to coach a State Team, the Club’s Board evaluates all applicants based on their coaching history, knowledge of the game, observed behavior at the fields, and approach with our youth players.


11.  How are the other team personnel selected (assistant coaches, team manager)?

Once a Head Coach is selected by the Club’s Board, that coach will then select his/her assistant coach and team manager.


12.  What certifications / qualifications do I need to have to coach a State Team?

All of these are required and can be taken online, except the U12 certification class:

  • Registered in eAYSO.  

  • Approved Volunteer in eAYSO.

  • CDC Concussion Training.          

  • Safe Haven.    

  • U6, U8, U10 and U12 Coaches Certification. 


13.  What if a player withdraws from the team can they get a refund on the fees paid?

Once a player has committed and paid their fees for the State Games, the fees are non-refundable. The only circumstance under which a player may receive a refund of their fees is if the player is injured and has a doctor’s note stating that they cannot play. 


14.  What is the commitment to playing on the States Team - practices, games, etc?

In general, each State Team will practice two nights a week and may have weekend scrimmages / friendlies to prepare for the tournament.  Check with your team’s coach at tryouts to find out what days of the week they plan to practice.  If a player does not demonstrate an appropriate commitment level to the team (make most practices, train with high effort, display positive attitude), they can be removed by the Coach and no refund will be given. 

15.  What is the Coaching Philosophy for the State Teams?

The core coaching approach our Club expects from our State Team Coaches is:


  • Have fun! The more fun your team is having, the more engaged the players will be and want to continue playing. The goal in our Region is to encourage the player’s love for the game so please be positive and patient with the children at all times.

  • Repetition, repetition, repetition. Children’s muscle memory and repetition of the technical skills are what will give them the ability to implement their ideas in the games. The more your players touch the ball and practice their skills on the move in your training sessions, the more they will get out of your training sessions. Try to avoid long lines and kids standing around. Every player should have a ball at their feet for the first portion of training to maximize their level of comfort with the ball.

  • Movement: soccer is a dynamic game so keep the players moving as much as possible in training (ideally with a ball at their feet). The more comfortable the players will be with the ball at their feet, the bigger technical foundation they will have which will allow them to fully develop their potential as they develop.

  • Style of play: We highly encourage everyone to “build out of the back”. This means that the goalkeeper rolls the ball out to their defenders and the ball is moved up the field within the control of your team.  Goalkeepers punting the ball, leads to 50/50 balls and takes away a portion of the game that is important for the players to experience which is getting their heads up and learning to find angles for passing the ball.

  • Coaching involvement: The game belongs to the players so please do not take the game away from them. Do not coach the player on the ball. Allow the player on the ball to think for themselves. Help guide the players off the ball to provide good offensive and defensive shape. Have your team move up and down as one unit. Do not leave 2 players on the outside of your defensive box for the entire game. If your team is attacking, then they need to move up with everyone to keep the team condense.

  • Head up. Encourage your players to keep their heads up as much as possible so they can scan the field and make informative decisions.

  • Build character – please use the practices and games to develop the children’s character. This includes being a good teammate, being respectful to everyone, work rate, commitment, punctuality, positive language and more.

16.  What if players want to continue to experience more competitive play after the State Games?

The Boynton Knights is our Club’s competitive program that allows our most talented recreational players to take their game to the next level.  For more information about the Boynton Knights, email [email protected] or visit to contact Asaf Lubezky, Director of Coaching & Player Development: [email protected].

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