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AYSO Region 1370



Dear soccer families,

We come to you with wonderful news! Registration for our upcoming season is open to register at  

We understand that replacement equipment is needed, or items are forgotten at home while travelling for a tournament. That being said, we wanted to provide a discount offer that is valid for the entire year at any DICK’S Sporting Goods store!


  • DATES: Sep-Nov 2024.
  • MEET & GREET: First practice day. NO MORE REFUNDS AFTER FIRST PRACTICE DAY. Any refund requests prior, have a $45 admin fee from AYSO 1370 (excluding National ASYO membership fees).
  • PRACTICES START: on Monday, Sep 9 week.
  • GAMES START: Friday, Sep 13 weekend.
    • Sep 13-20-27 game weekends.
    • Oct 04-11-18-25 game weekends.
    • Nov 01-08-15-22 game weekends.
  • GAMES END: weekend before Thanksgiving break
  • SEASON DURATION: 8-10 Weeks.
  • TEAM PICTURE: TBD for picture day with a makeup picture day the next week.

  • BOYNTON KNIGHTS SUNDAY CLINICS (clinics only during Feb-April season):
    • LOCATION: Canyon District Park (BOYNTON KNIGHTS fields)
    • TIME: 9-11AM
    • AGE GROUPS: for U10-U12 

  • REFEREE COURSE: AYSO Region 1370 is planning to host a Basic Referee Course!  All volunteer referees, 12 years of age and older are invited to attend. This course is Basic Referee Course, will be scheduled for four hours and will teach you how to “Referee” in the U10 division and up. Please reach out to Mo [email protected] to get registered. U10 and up will have PAID referees for games. => REFEREE CLINIC SCHEDULE TBD, from 9am-12pm at the West Boynton Parks and Rec Gym.

  • PRICING: $150 (with early bird) for U4-U8.
  • PRICING: $170 (with early bird) for U10-U19 with paid referees.
  • REGISTRATION OPENS: June 12, 2024
  • REGISTRATION CLOSES: Sep 08, 2024 (Please email [email protected] if later).
  • EARLY BIRD: $30 OFF until and including Sunday, July 7, 2024 (11.59PM).


  • START - 30 DAYS: Uniforms, goals, cones, pinnies order.
  • START - 20 DAYS: Teams draft start. Division Coordinators will communicate with specific age groups for volunteers.
  • START - 7 DAYS: Coaches and Volunteer meeting at th Parks and Rec Center in West Boynton.
  • START - 5 DAYS: Practice schedule draft after the set number of teams and coaches.
  • START - 2 DAYS: Coaches will receive roster and will communicate with their team directly.
  • START + 2 DAYS: Game schedule will be drafted after teams and coaches have been confirmed and certified.
  • START + 0 DAYS: Coaches/Teams can schedule a meet and greet prior to the season for introduction.

SEASON Program Contacts

We are also relying on VOLUNTEERS.

  • UNIFORM COORDINATOR: TBD (Pickup and Distribute Uniforms)

How Can I register for the Program?

Step 1: Please create an account online on
Step 2: Add Participant, and it will show PROGRAM AVAILABLE.
Step 3: Select the appropriate SEASON PROGRAM
Step 4: Your Age Group will automatically show - select your age group.
Step 5: Complete Participant's details.

After the AYSO system upgrade, they show all age groups.
Typically, our recreational league has U4/5 - U6 - U8 - U10 - U12 - U14 - U16/U19 age groups.

Everybody plays age appropriate -no exceptions.
The system will populate the age group your participant(s) are qualified for.

AYSO auto-populates the division according to the birthday.
The program available, is the correct one.

Volunteers Wanted

Please send an email to [email protected] if you are interested.

  • Division Coordinators - They will need some help assigning rosters and coaches.
  • Head Coaches  - Please sign up as a Volunteer in your account. 
  • Assistant Coaches - Please sign up as a Volunteer in your account.
  • Referees - Community Service Hours are available. A separate Email will be sent once schedule is out to assign games.

If you have not done so, and if you were part of a coaching staff, refereeing staff, general volunteering staff, division coordination staff, .. for past seasons, please let us know if you will still be part of our wonderful community for this upcoming season. 


All our coaches are volunteers, usually parents of the players. We are always in need of coaches and assistant coaches, so please consider volunteering! Soccer skills aren’t necessary, especially at the younger age groups. 

We will have a coaches' meeting prior to the season.
Coach Asaf will communicate drills, hand out equipment, etc.. 

Please send an email to [email protected] if you are interested.

When will I hear from my coach? 

There are coaches’ meetings scheduled a few weeks before the start of the season. Coaches receive their rosters at that time. Players will be contacted within one - two weeks before the season starts.

What do I need to buy to participate in recreational soccer?

To participate in recreational soccer in, Jerseys are provided as part of the registration fee. All players will need a soccer ball, shin guards, shorts and long soccer socks.  We recommend that they also have soccer cleats - rubber, not metal.

Where are the practices and games played?

West Boynton Park Vista - Soccer Complex. You will be assigned a field to play on. 
Games are on Friday nights (under the lights) and/or Saturdays. Games and schedules are generated randomly by our software.
One Game Per Weekend.

All ages play two halves. 
U5 and U6 have 10-minute halves, 
U8 has 20-minute halves, 
U10 goes 25 minutes, 
U12 goes 30 minutes, 
U14 goes 35 minutes, 
U16 goes 40 minutes,
U19 goes 45 minutes.

HOLIDAYS - up to Coaches to play or not.

Schoolyard BOYS: Fridays 6PM - Field 3A or 3B or 3C or 3D.
Schoolyard GIRLS: Fridays 6PM - Field 3A or 3B or 3C or 3D. 
-> There is a possibility for the BYE Team to practice/play between their own players. 
OR you can play against the BYE team from Boys/Girls.

U6 Boys: Field 3B (30 min for game, 45 min window, 15 min in between games).
U6 Girls: Field 3A (30 min for game, 45 min window, 15 min in between games).

U8 Boys: Field 3C (60 min for game, 30 min in between games).
U8 Girls: Field 3D (60 min for game, 30 min in between games).

U10 Boys: Field 2A (75 min for game, 30 min in between games).
U10 Girls: Field 2B (75 min for game, 30 min in between games).

U12 Boys: Field 1 (90 min for game, 30 min in between games).
U12 Girls: Field 1 (90 min for game, 30 min in between games).

U14 Boys: Field 1 (90 min for game, 30 min in between games).
U14 Girls 7v7: Field 2A or 2B (90 min for game, 30 min in between games).

U19 Boys: Field 2 - Fridays (90 min for game, 30 min in between games).
U19 Girls 9v9: Field 1 - U12 field - Fridays (90 min for game, 30 min in between games).


Coaches pick their own practice schedules. Your child's coaches will let you know what day, time and field number a week before practice starts. 
All age groups have 2 Practices Per Week.

- Schoolyard Divisions: Friday night 6PM scrimmage/game/session. Sessions during the week (6PM) depends on the coach's availability but are not mandatory.
- U6 through U8: 6-645PM Sessions.
- U10*: 6-645PM timeslot (If there is field space). Some will have the 7PM timeslot.
- U12 through U14*: 7-8PM Sessions.
- U14* through U16/19: 815-945PM Sessions.

Local Guidelines for Gameplay


 Ball Size


 Min # Players




 Show Cards?



4v4 (up to 5v5)

3 (Max 10 player roster)

4 x 5 min






5v5 (up to 6v6)

4 (Max 12 player roster)

4 x 10 min







5 (Max 12 player roster)

2 x 25 min







7 (Max 14 player roster)

2 x 30min







7 (Max 18 player roster)

2 x 35min




 U16/195 11v117 (Max 18 player roster) 2 x 45min Yes Normal Yes

Is My Kid Ready To Sign Up?

Our philosophy allows the game to be the teacher by maximizing each player’s touches on the ball and encourages all the players to develop their skills in all positions. Further, the philosophy discourages intense competition until the older age groups.

We will have children of all levels participating on each team in our program. We have developed a system that provides both a fun and productive environment for players at all levels. Although our focus is predominantly on the enjoyment of playing the game, we would also like to utilize our time effectively with the children by teaching them as much as possible about the game and the skills needed to excel in the sport.

AYSO 1370

In an effort to continue improving our recreational league for the kids in our community, we are making the following adjustments/upgrades for the upcoming season: 

- Balanced teams – we requested all the coaches to give us the ranking of the players and will utilize it to try to do a better job balancing teams. 

- Sunday clinics – we will offer Sunday clinics with our licensed and professional coaching team. The objective is to provide the players in our region with quality technical sessions. 

- Paid referees – U10 and older will have a paid center referee for the games to help the games be more organized and take away the extra responsibilities from our volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a certified ref, please reach out to Mo as we are looking to put a team of approx. 10-20 ref’s to cover the games. 

- Team names based off pro teams. 
U6 = MLS teams.  Inter Miami, New York City FC, New England Revolution, LA Galaxy and more 
U8 = EPL Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and more 
U10 = La Liga – Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Seville and more 
U12 = Serie A – Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan Napoli, Roma and more 
U14/U19 = Brazil League - Sao Paulo, Santos, Atletico Mineiro, Corinthians and more 

- Age appropriate – All players have to play age appropriate. It’s based off the calendar year they were born. No exceptions. 

- Pugg Goals – All head coaches will be offered pug goals to use for training sessions during the season.

- Playing Up/Down policy - everybody plays age appropriate -

Travel Players - if you are currently enrolled in a travel team for soccer, please think about our community and the fairness in all competitions. Placement on a Travel team is by invitation only with competitive tryouts. If you play for a travel team, please think about the other kids and parents, by not taking a spot and playing time of somebody else within AYSO. 

Registration for our upcoming season is still open and you can register at  

Weather Policy

The weather here in South Florida is very unpredictable and could be dangerous with the amount of lightning strikes.

  • Rain - Coach's call - The Coach will make an informed decision to have the session or not.
  • Thunder and/or Lightning - see our guidelines.
  • General Cancelation - in case of the fields being closed by Parks and Recreation, we will communicate around 4-5PM.


    Here are our club guidelines with regards to lightning.

    1) If you can hear thunder, you need to clear the fields immediately.

    2) If lightning is within 10 miles, you need to clear the fields immediately.

    3) Resuming activities - wait at least 30 minutes after seeing lightning or hearing thunder before resuming your activity. You are still at risk of being struck by lightning after a storm has passed. Don’t go back outside just because the rain has slowed or stopped.

    Parents, if you see that lightning is within 10 miles &/or you hear thunder, please don’t wait and let’s clear the fields quickly.

    We don’t like cancelling training sessions and it’s frustrating for everyone to make the drive, set up, get going and then having to cancel but unfortunately the weather in South Florida is so unpredictable and we need to put everyone’s safety first.

    Please see the link below from U.S Soccer regarding lightning and safety


    *Please note the dates are subject to change.

    Thank you.

    Email: [email protected]

    Regional Commissioner's 1370 Department
    Recreation league:
    Competitive program:
    Development Academy
    Summer Camp

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